[Photograph: Dennis Lee]

Announced in mid of 2012, Leghorn, the socially conscious chicken joint from Element Collective (NellcĂ´te, Old Town Social, RM Champagne Salon), is still not a reality. But if you were one of the lucky folks who were in attendance for Saturday's Chicago Gourmet, you had the opportunity to preview their Nashville hot fried chicken biscuit.

Chef Jared Van Camp was on hand to serve up the fried chicken biscuits to the crowd. As you can see in the pic, the size of the biscuit was pretty small, keeping with the "bites" theme of Chicago Gourmet (it's next to impossible to stuff yourself at this thing). But where it lacked in size it made up for in flavor. The sauce that the chicken took a dip in was delightfully tangy, but not too hot (perhaps Van Camp wanted to keep it mild for the event). The chicken itself was juicy, tender and the crust was nice and crackly. A slice of pickle gave a nice touch of sour, while the biscuit itself did its job of not only holding everything together while also bringing a little bit of sweet buttery goodness to the party.

Promising that news concerning Leghorn's location is coming soon, Van Camp was excited about bringing a taste of this long gestating concept to the people this past weekend. In a city with no shortage of great fried chicken options, Leghorn is poised to join the crowd. If their Nashville hot fried chicken biscuit is any indication they just may be at the head of the pack.

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