[Photograph: Tessa McLean]

The way I feel about the Kale Sandwich at Range ($10.50) is the way I thought about the new restaurant in general. Some bites were delicious with all the components in harmony and some were unpleasant and all I got was kale I couldn't chew through.

If they had separated the leaves from the tough veins, this sandwich would have been excellent. The toasted cranberry and sunflower seed bread brings a welcome sweetness to the sandwich, with a nice nutty texture and taste. I was afraid the sandwich wouldn't be very filling, but the generous spread of rich horseradish cheddar sauce combined with plum preserves makes up for lack of protein. It compliments the creamy smoked gouda, amping up the richness factor even more. It comes with plain mixed greens and a cranberry champagne vinaigrette, which makes this meal relatively light and healthy, but something more inventive to round out the meal would have been nice. A few tweaks and this sandwich makes a light, vegetarian lunch I'd go back for.



  • Lincoln Park

1119 W Webster Ave North Seminary Ave Chicago IL 60614 (773) 549-5747

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