[Photograph: Molly Durham]

Once you can force your glance away from the array of beautiful pastries on display at La Fournette, you can see that the rest of their menu includes delicious sandwiches like this Tarte Flambée Baguette ($5.50).

When I heard this included a combo of crème fraîche and bacon, I was intrigued. Did I think it would be good? I really didn't know, but I was afraid I had made the wrong choice. But unless it sounds gross, I often try to go with the sandwich on a menu that has the most potential for surprise. And this one did in fact surprise.

This open-faced sandwich is topped with crème fraîche broiled on a baguette. Then onions and slightly crispy bacon chunks are placed on top. It tastes like it has cheese on it but it doesn't. Broiling soured cream makes it tastes infinitely better, and I've decided that it counts as a breakfast pizza, which is essentially my dream.

La Fournette

La Fournette

  • Gold Coast

1547 N Wells St at W North Ave Chicago IL 60610 3126249430

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