Open Thread: Which Chicago Chef Would Cook Your Dream Thanksgiving?


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The thing about writing about restaurants around Thanksgiving is that most places take the day off. There are some real exceptions, which I covered earlier in the week, but I certainly know where I'll be next Thursday—in my parents' kitchen "testing" as many of the dishes I can before the meal starts. But that also can't stop everyone from wanting to talk about the biggest eating day of the year. So how about this: which Chicago chef would you want to cook your fantasy Thanksgiving?

Obviously, this is a completely hypothetical exercise, so don't worry about holding on to any kind of reality. Any chef is fair game. Want to gather together a number of chefs to cook a coursed menu for you? Fine. The only thing to remember is that the chef has to cook a reasonably traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Regardless of the main course, I know my dream Thanksgiving would end with pie from Hoosier Mama. Actually, I might just pull an Ed Levine, and ask Paula Haney to make me an all pie Thanksgiving. There's no way that would be bad.

But what about you? Which Chicago chef would you pick to create your fantasy Thanksgiving?

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