24 Turkey Sandwiches We Love in Chicago

Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 24 Turkey Sandwiches We Love in Chicago

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Each year around Thanksgiving I half-heartedly consider putting together a feature on the best turkey dishes in Chicago, only to realize that basically all of my favorites are bathed in Mexican mole, and that really deserves its own feature. But I learned an important lesson this year; I finally figured where all the turkey was in Chicago—in turkey sandwiches.

The turkey sandwich is one of the most ubiquitous menu items out there. At its worst, the sandwich is little more than a banal choice for those looking for the unoffensive. But some places like to twist the turkey sandwich, using better ingredients or techniques, to really highlight the best of what the bird can do.

Check out some of our favorites by clicking on the slideshow!


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