Slideshow SLIDESHOW: The 10 Best Places to Brunch in Chicago of 2013

[Photographs: Chelsea Ross]

Chicago really raised the bar on its brunch game in 2013. Old favorites continued to pack in the crowds, but what really changed the brunch landscape was the surfeit of non-brunch restaurants grasping the concept by the horns and going all out, challenging themselves to create their own outré brands of brunch. From corned beef Scotch eggs to chestnut pop tarts, biscuit sandwiches, breakfast burgers, and even some Sex-Mex, 2013 was an exciting time to eat brunch in Chicago. Restaurants continue to blur the brunch lines, if you will, curating thoughtful, masterful dishes that would be welcome at any time of day. Here are my top 10 favorite brunches of the year.

Click on the slideshow to see them all, or look at the list below.


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