Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Most Popular Lunch in the Loop Posts of 2013

[Photographs: Dennis Lee]

There are no shortage of places to eat in The Loop, but finding a great meal is surprisingly harder than you'd think. Every single one of those salad restaurants can't be good. Fortunately, for the past two years Dennis has been reporting back on all the great finds and places to avoid at all costs while downtown. You'd think he'd eventually run out of options, but he made it all the way through 2013 without any trouble. So let's take a look his most popular Lunch in the Loop posts from the past year.

Check out the top 10 by clicking on the slideshow.

  1. Blackwood BBQ
  2. Tortas Frontera
  3. U.B. Dogs
  4. Saucy Porka Brings 'Bacos' to Chicago
  5. Pret A Manger
  6. Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi
  7. Loop Pizza
  8. Burritos as Big as Your Forearm at La Bamba
  9. Eppy's Deli
  10. Pierogi Heaven


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