Three Dots and a Dash [Photograph: Anthony Todd]

With 2013 winding down almost as quickly as the temperature is plummeting, it's time to reflect on all the delicious things we've eaten this year. We'll be posting our fair share of end-of-the-year posts in a couple weeks, but we wanted to get the conversation started. Let's just get right to it: What is your favorite new restaurant of 2013?

Did you dig the warm glow and mini umbrellas found at the subterranean Three Dots and a Dash? What about the colorful bowls of bibimbap at En Hakkore? The stunning minimalism of Sumi? The grilling action at Gogi? What about Juno, Chop Shop, Eataly, Nico Osteria, and Dusek's Board and Beer? Obviously, with so many openings, it's hard to keep track of them all, but what's the one place that meant the most to you this year?

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