[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Instead of trying offer a little bit of everything, Rotisserie in Eataly Chicago only offers two options a day—a rotating daily special and prime rib. Because I swung by on a Tuesday, I got the chance to try the leg of lamb sandwich ($11.80), though I should point out that this barely meets the minimum of what can be defined as a sandwich. It's just meat and bread, with a bit of salt and perhaps a drizzle of oil.

Even though I went with the regular size instead of large, it was an enormous portion that defiantly refused to stay neatly inside the roll. The lamb itself was nicely seasoned, with a pleasing gamey profile. But as I hinted above, it could perhaps use some partners in crime, like a cheese or some bitter greens—but there is no doubting the quality. And if all you want is as much meat as possible and little bit of bread, this is your guy in River North.


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