Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Rick Gresh Shows Us the Dry-Aging Facility at David Burke's Primehouse

[Photographs: Huge Galdones]

Yesterday, I released a list of my top 10 dry-aged steaks in Chicago. Instead of focusing exclusively on the regular steakhouse scene, I was able to track down some stunning slabs of beef in rather odd places (for example: an English pub and a swanky Italian joint). But for my number one pick, I had no choice but to go with the one steakhouse that truly does things right: David Burke's Primehouse. What really sets this establishment apart from the other steakhouses in River North trying to take your money? That's easy: its dry-aging facility.

I could have attempted to describe in detail this incredible room to you, but I knew I would come up short. So I decided to send my favorite Chicago photographer, Huge Galdones, to document the room in all its glory. Chef Rick Gresh also walked him through the process of cooking a 40-day dry-aged ribeye. If you have a weakness for beef, you better prepare yourself.

Ready? Let's take a trip down to the dry-aging room at David Burke's Primehouse.

David Burke's Primehouse

Editors' Pick

David Burke's Primehouse

  • River North

616 N Rush St at E Ontario St Chicago IL 60611 3126606000

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