The Chicago Food Glossary: A Guide to the Unique Dishes of the Windy City

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 27 comments

Like all great cities should, Chicago has a collection of dishes that were invented within its borders and that you can't get anywhere else. I decided to create this list to help keep track of them all. More

Smalls' Barbecue Ambition is Anything But

Chicago Joe Roy 16 comments

All you really need to know about Smalls is that any time spent reading this post is time away from one of the best new concepts to open up in a while. So bus, bike, drive, or walk your way up California Avenue- because if the lines haven't started forming yet, it's only a matter of time. More

South Side Eats: Charcoal Grilled Chicken at El Pollo Real

Chicago Titus Ruscitti 9 comments

I'd been tempted for a while to get my behind inside and see if their claim of "100% Estillo en Sinaloa-style grilled chicken" was accurate. So do they do it the right here? Is there charcoal? Yes! and plenty of it! More

Long Live the Low-Frills, French Bistro Feel at Le Bouchon

Chicago Joe Roy 2 comments

Pretension is at a negative here; after twenty continuous years in business as other restaurants fade in and out of the scene, Le Bouchon's "you get what you get" vibe is refreshing. More

D Chile's Handmade Tortillas Allow You to Forgive the Fillings

Chicago Mike Gebert Post a comment

Not every place that makes tortillas by hand is great, but as with Neapolitan pizza crust, if you get that right it almost doesn't matter what else you do. More

Put the Lime on the Fish and Eat Them Both Together: 10 Ceviches We Love in Chicago

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

Ceviche in Chicago comes in many shapes and sizes, portions and prices. Here's a broad sampling from the whole refreshingly citrusy gamut. More

14 Great Sandwiches to Try in Chicago's Loop

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

What's most surprising is how varied the options are. From classic cold cut offerings to bánh mìs to Mexican tortas, the Loop has it all. More

Beyond the Corned Beef at Moon's Sandwich Shop

Chicago Joe Roy 1 comment

Moon's corned beef is by now legendary- but how would some of the lesser known menu choices hold up? There's only one way to find out. More

Better with Giardiniera: 9 Great Sandwiches Featuring with Chicago's Favorite Condiment

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 16 comments

While giardiniera can top everything from thick-crust pizza to french fries, it's most often found on one of Chicago's oversized sandwiches. More

Try the Over the Top Chicharron Tacos at Carniceria Aguascalientes

Chicago Mike Gebert Post a comment

Eat it, let your eyes roll back in your head, and feel yourself a million miles away from the Chicago you know where eating spicy skin and fat on a tortilla born seconds earlier isn't even thought of. More

Escolar Ceviche at the Publican

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 14 comments

Although this "ceviche" was actually an Italian-style crudo, the flavors of olive oil, grapefruit, and cracked black pepper were beautifully balanced atop silky-smooth raw escolar. More

19 Ridiculously Big Ass Sandwiches We Love in Chicago

Chicago Amalia Safran 5 comments

This is one of those rare case in life where you can judge a book by its cover, or, rather, a post by its title. These sandwiches are ridiculous in how big they are and how sated they leave us feeling. More

A Crash Course in Cuban Cuisine at Paladar

Chicago Joe Roy 3 comments

Though Paladar's offerings don't harken to the familiar dishes of my home, I'll hardly count that a slight as I gain elective credits eating my way through the menu. More

Get Your Day's Worth of Kimchi in One Bowl of Tweet's Bibimbop

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Tweet makes a few departures from traditional in this everyday Korean dish, but almost all are to the betterment of the dish. More

Meet the Great (Well, Pretty Good) Unknown Chicago Chicken Sandwich

Chicago Mike Gebert 2 comments

I was thinking about bland chicken sandwiches, not only because I see these nameless monstrosities all over, but because there is an alternative in Chicago which is superficially similar, but differs in one small degree—it's not a shameful lying mockery of a sandwich. It is, in fact, the great unknown Chicago sandwich, except for the being great part. More

7 Crepes We Love in Chicago

Chicago Molly Durham 3 comments

Some may not consider it a real meal, others may swear by them for brunch or dessert, but I think it'd be hard for someone to not be able to find a crepe they love somewhere in Chicago. More

Seafood Sandwiches We Love in Chicago

Chicago Ida Yu 8 comments

If you didn't already know, August is National Sandwich Month. It's a purely arbitrary celebration, but it nonetheless serves as a good time to step back and take a look at some of Chicago's best options between two slices of bread. Today we wanted to look at one of the most difficult sandwich genres to do right: the seafood sandwich. More

New Japanese Offerings in Chicago Deliver on Finesse

Chicago Roger Kamholz Post a comment

Each of these three spots has its own unique spin on what the Japanese dining experience can be. And their presence on the scene seems to mark an intangible shift toward the distinctive nuance, sensitivity, and craft that is so shot through the meals one finds in Japan. More

Sabatino's Survives on Old School Italian-American Charm

Chicago Joe Roy 4 comments

With its strolling musicians, dimly lit chandelier lighting, and tuxedoed waiters and waitresses, Sabatino's has a death grip on the Old School Italian vibe that used to signify a fancy meal and entertainment. More

Tracking Down a Turkish Breakfast at Pide ve Lahmacun in Chicago

Chicago Mike Gebert Post a comment

Pide ve Lahmacun's hits the perfect note for Turkish breakfast—hearty yet not heavy, a straightforward, unfussy start to the day as crisp as Christmas morning overlooking the Blue Mosque and the lapis lazuli sea. More

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