Chicago Tacos

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Best Chicago Tacos of 2012

How many great tacos are there in Chicago? Well, there are enough that I was able to try a new restaurant or taqueria every week for a year and never come close to exhausting the possibilities. Sure, some were simply mediocre, while others were merely adequate, but occasionally I'd stumble upon a true find. More

Chicago Tacos: 2 Amigos

I've made my stance on straight chorizo tacos pretty clear. Sure, the Mexican sausage is a flavor bomb, bringing fat, spice, and heat to anything it touches, but left unfiltered and all alone, chorizo runs wild over your tongue, obliterating everything else. So why is 2 Amigos version such a delicious exception? More

Chicago Tacos: El Pueblito

As us spicy food addicts know, there is a line between pleasure and pain, and we like to be teased. No taqueria knows that line quite as well as El Pueblito. For some, the salsas here might as well be pure fire. But if you enjoy that dance, it can be captivating. More

Chicago Tacos: Huaraches Doña Chio

Yes, I did visit Huaraches Doña Chio without ordering a huarache. It's nothing against the sandal-shaped piece of masa (which I love), but I had a grand theory I wanted to test out: if this place prepared the huaraches to order using fresh masa, wouldn't there be a high probability that it would do the same with tortillas? More

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