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Market Scene: Lettuce, Peas, and More Things Green at the Logan Square Farmers' Market in Chicago

Market Scene Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

I'm always amazed by the growth at the Logan Square Farmers' Market. Each year adds more farmers and vendors, and it's now to the point where stands are lined up along Logan Boulevard from the corner of Milwaukee Avenue to Whipple St. More

Asparagus-palooza at the Green City Market in Chicago

Market Scene Matt Kirouac 2 comments

It's pretty much asparaguspalooza at the market these days, as it's one of the earlier items to come into season while farmers twiddle their green thumbs waiting for rhubarb, strawberries, and the like. More

Market Scene: Logan Square Farmers Market in Chicago

Market Scene eataduckimust 4 comments

Summer has come and gone and fall is definitely here to stay. If the cooler weather isn't proof positive enough for you, you'll have to believe it based on the produce available at your local farmers' market. After having visited many of the smaller ones in Chicago, we finally made it to Logan Square farmers' market, one of the city's largest (after Green City Market in Lincoln Park). Here, pumpkins, squash, root vegetables, apples and pears were well in abundance which means pies, soups, roasted vegetables and more pies! Time to turn that oven on, folks! More

Market Scene: Bronzeville Community Market, Chicago

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This week we headed to a little farmers' market in one of Chicago's "food deserts" in the Southern part of the Bronzeville neighborhood. Located right off a busy street at 4400 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, the modest market definitely had some hidden gems in its bounty. One of the main concerns of low-income neighborhoods is the lack of access to fresh produce. Grocery stores are few and far between in this neighborhood, so a farmers' market offering fresh local produce is an oasis in the midst of a "food desert." More

Market Scene: Chicago Green City Market

Market Scene eataduckimust 7 comments

Over the weekend we enjoyed some nice 83-degree weather at the Green City Market in Chicago. City folks and chefs alike were out doing their daily shopping. Take a look at all the rhubarb, radishes, and other fresh-from-the-farm picks we found. More

Market Scene: Apples in Chicago's Wicker Park

Market Scene Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

I skipped this week's Green City Market in Chicago in favor of the much closer, and much smaller, farmers' market in nearby Wicker Park. I was a little worried about the findings, and whether it would be as inexpensive... More

Market Scene: Splintered Trees and the First Corn in Chicago

Market Scene Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

I was woken up at approximately 1:30 on Wednesday morning by the sound of thunder and what looked like fireworks going off outside my window. When I raced over to the TV to check out what was going on,... More

Market Scene: Chicago in Summer, or 'More Than I Could Shake a Carrot Stick At'

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The ground was a little soggy this Saturday from an earlier rainstorm, but beyond some muddy shoes the weather was warm and welcoming for my first excursion into Chicago's Green City Market. Advertised as the city's only sustainable market,... More

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