Meet the Maker

Interviews with local food purveyors.


Meet the Maker: Coalfire Pizza's Pesto Pizza

Coalfire, which will see its five-year anniversary in May, has a style of pizza that's uniquely its own, drawing from regional variations in different ways. Its coal-burning oven is uncommon for pizzerias and harkens back to old school New Haven joints, and yet its thin crust is almost Neapolitan in style, but with more crisp. More

Meet the Maker of Uptown Soda Bread Co.'s Cranberry Walnut Soda Bread

While it's unique to find soda bread studded with bacon and cheddar (which she also sells), Cynthia has been careful to not stretch the ingredients in her different breads too far. In her Cranberry Walnut bread, the only ingredients that differ from her grandmother's Original Raisin are the chopped specs of walnuts and dried cranberries, and yet every single bite is moist and jumps with sweet and nutty flavor as though the dough had been infused. More

Meet the Maker of Q7 Ranch's Hot Dog

There's a Western-style cattle ranch with 1,000 acres of pasture less than 100 miles from the Chicago Loop. We're talking Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby in City Slickers stuff here. The land itself is the ecosystem and living quarters for Quarter Circle Seven Ranch's nearly 600 grass-fed steers. More

Meet the Maker of Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery's Spinach & Cheese Pie

Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery is lined with dried goods and imports that are flat out tough to source (the owner swears by the imported Arabica coffee from Lebanon), but it also has it own bakery and kitchen on site. The shop makes pita and other breads, and has several reach-ins stocked with spreads and dips and salads, all made in-house. But it's the from-scratch pies that are what the market is best known for. More

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