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At Bottlefork, Kitchen and Bar Make a Two-Way Street

Lindsey Howald Patton 1 comment

If the amalgamation that is the restaurant's name itself doesn't make this clear, Bottlefork is about fusing drink and food so completely together that 'pairing' would no longer be the appropriate term. More

A Sandwich a Day: Jerk Turkey Burger at Just Turkey

A Sandwich a Day Sarah Song 2 comments

Humbly tucked between a Subway and a Mobil gas station, Just Turkey fulfills every turkey's ambition to be front and center (on days other than Thanksgiving). More

Isla Pilipina is a Diamond in this Strip Mall's Rough

Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

If the sinigang is any indication of the menu at large, then Isla Pilipina is a strong contender for best Filipino food on the North Side. More

A Few of the Greatest Hits at 90 Miles Cuban Café

Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Never mind that Chicago is 1,450 miles as the crow flies from Cuba; we're just glad husband and wife restauranteurs Alberto and Christina Gonzalez are here. More

Swap Sushi for Hearty Home-Style Japanese at Sunshine Café

Lindsey Howald Patton 4 comments

The Japan National Tourism Organization thinks it's silly that we act like sushi is what its country's food is all about. So check out Sunshine Café's offerings of steaming, home-style noodle bowls, donburi, crisp-skinned fish, tempura, pickled vegetables, fresh tofu, and goma da re-soaked greens. More

The Tofu Sweet Potato Hash at the Flying Saucer

Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

In a world populated with plenty of piles of greasy potatoes, this simple kale-stuffed breakfast stands out. More

Some Rolls on the Wild Side at Tank Sushi

Lindsey Howald Patton 1 comment

If you're looking for some of the most inventive, saucy, flagrantly fusion-style maki around, this hip North Side sushi spot has you covered. More

The New Cookie Bar Goes Gluten-Free and Against the Grain

Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

Cookie Bar, in a new location, has gone all gluten-free; slimmed down its signature cookie offerings; and added cakes, breads, granola, and pies to the mix. More

Chef Nugent Puts His Best Goosefoot Forward

Lindsey Howald Patton 2 comments

Goosefoot's tasting menu had me imagining Chef Nugent venturing into the French countryside, discovering hundreds of years of honed culinary tradition amid a field of wildflowers there, and staking a spot for the great American Midwest. More

A First Slice Pie Café Crawl

Lindsey Howald Patton 1 comment

First Slice Pie Café offers a simpler, old-fashioned slice that hearkens to picnics and church potlucks of the Midwest. All three North Side locations serve basically the same menu of homemade sweets and savory fare. More

Does Reservoir Raise the Bar on Uptown Bar Eats?

Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Reservoir opened last year with an ambition to take its food up a step from Uptown's everyman vibe. Yet there's an odd combination of high and low-brow going on that could be a kink in the concept or just a mission to appeal to every craft drink-loving patron who might wander in. More

A Sandwich A Day: Mushroom, Thyme, & Swiss Frittata Sandwich at Fabcakes

A Sandwich a Day Tessa McLean 1 comment

When there are so many bad breakfast sandwiches in this world, you can restore your faith in them at Fabcakes. More

The $7.75 Lunch Special at Aroy Thai

Lindsey Howald Patton 2 comments

Aroy Thai's weekday lunch special is a cheap and plentiful appetizer-and-main combo, one that leaves you wishing for a nap before heading back to the office. More

Stuff Yourself on Delicious Tradition at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

The restaurant faces a historic corner of Lawrence Avenue, where the glittering emerald lights of the Green Mill twinkle. Although Demera has only been open since 2007, it's already an Uptown neighborhood mainstay in its own right. More

Restaurant Sarajevo is a Carnivore's Dream

Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Know (and love) your cevapcici, pljeskavica, and veal, because Restaurant Sarajevo's Bosnian dishes are constructed, primarily, of meat. More

Savoring the Love & Light Smoothie at Earth's Healing Café

Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

Not only am I, as a bit of a health nut, helpless against a smoothie's nutritious charms, I also have a very specific soft spot for food that packs a variety of unexpected, yet somehow complementary, ingredients into one basic form. More

A Tale of Two Thai Curries at Rosded

Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

I started with a friendly coconut-milk curry you'll only find on the regular English menu at Rosded, then tried a complex, aromatic "jungle curry" only available on Rosded's Thai language menu. More

Escolar Ceviche at the Publican

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 14 comments

Although this "ceviche" was actually an Italian-style crudo, the flavors of olive oil, grapefruit, and cracked black pepper were beautifully balanced atop silky-smooth raw escolar. More

Get Your Day's Worth of Kimchi in One Bowl of Tweet's Bibimbop

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 3 comments

Tweet makes a few departures from traditional in this everyday Korean dish, but almost all are to the betterment of the dish. More

Eating Indian Off Devon at Essence of India

Chicago Lindsey Howald Patton 5 comments

I had always heard Essence of India swapped an edge of spice and authenticity for something closer to the clean, safe, friendly vibe of the Lincoln Square neighborhood it's been in for years. But is that a bad thing? More

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