Avondale, North Side


Snacking on Central Asian Cuisine at Chill Cafe

There has been a boom in Central Asian restaurants in Chicago, often 24-hour ones for the cabbie market, on the northwest side in the last few years, all serving some minor variation on what people eat for a thousand miles in any direction in that part of the world: stewed lamb and rice, kabobs, dumplings. But for me one of this pretty new crop stands apart for the care with which the food is made, and the hints of spices from around the central Asian region which make it livelier than so much food from this part of the world. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Kuma's Corner

Kuma's shines brightest when its dishes are executed with even a modicum of restraint- which, rather surprisingly, most of its deep fried output is. And while "restrained" is not your typical deep fried modifier, Kuma's has, and never will be, your typical place. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Lee's Chop Suey

Sometimes you don't want dishes celebrating the regional nuances of China- sometimes you want good old Chinese American dishes that you can drown in soy sauce and eat clumsily with chop sticks. In those moments of need, turn to Lee's Chop Suey. More

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