Humboldt Park, North Side


Deep Fried Chicago: Joey's Shrimp House

After the dust settles, we're left with an exception fried seafood option, a worthy side, and sauces that complement. A spot that does one or two things so well that it's worth seeking out? Maybe Joey's Shrimp House isn't so different from its predecessors after all. More

Chicago Tacos: Cemitas Puebla

Though Cemitas Puebla is well known for cemitas—exceptional ones, I might add—there also happen to be a lot of tacos on the menu. It was time to try them. Considering how carefully those cemitas are constructed, I knew that the chances were good that the tacos would at least be solid. That, however, wouldn't have been good enough. The cemitas are near transcendent, so anything less than great would be somewhat of a disappointment. More

Standing Room Only: Isla de Cafe Food Truck in Humboldt Park

If you want a glimpse of what Chicago could look like with relaxed food truck laws, you don't have to fly to Portland or even take the Purple Line up north to Evanston. Just head west to Humboldt Park, the gorgeous 207-acre park by the neighborhood of the same name. That's where you'll find Isla de Cafe in a silver Airstream truck, which on bright and sunny days, shines like a beacon from across the park. More

Chicago Tacos: Taco El Jalisciense Returns

Heaped with praise for its al pastor tacos, Taco El Jalisciense seemingly had everything I wanted in a taco joint, except for one minor detail: it wasn't open. For months, all the windows were boarded up, which I took as an ominous sign. Luckily, the restaurant just needed a little remodeling, and it's now back open and carving up al pastor. More

Chicago Tacos: Bullhead Cantina

Let's start out with the obvious: if you don't think Bullhead Cantina picked up an idea or two for its whiskey bar and taco joint theme from Big Star, then you probably have been sipping a few too many shots of Evan Williams. But Bullhead also shows a real interest in kicking out quality tacos, which is something I can always support. More

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