Uptown, North Side


Deep Fried Chicago: Phờ Xe Tăng, aka, Tank Noodle Restaurant

Until I find someone knowledgable in Southeast Asian food that's willing to guide me through Tank Noodle's extensive offerings, I'm stuck doing this the old fashioned way: working through the menu one item at a time. But with dishes approaching the mid 200s, it helps to do things systematically. And I can't think of any better place to start than with items straight from the deep fryer. More

TGI Fry-Day: Salt & Pepper Shrimp from Silver Seafood

Whole shrimp are tossed with a mix of cornstarch, salt, and five spice powder, deep fried until crispy, and stir-fried with jalapeños, red pepper, and garlic. I'm sure that for those in the know, the delicately seasoned and expertly cooked shrimp and accompanying mound of rice would make for a great lunch. But I felt like I needed an instruction booklet for where to begin. More

TGI Fry-Day: Shrimp Egg Roll from Ba Le

Encased in glass and heat lamp lit from above are a selection of egg rolls and other fried appetizers. Generally, the first rule of TGI Fry-Day is "heat lamp = bad," but given the quality of Ba Le's bánh mì sandwiches, I figured I'd trust their judgment and give something a try. More

A Sandwich a Day: Meatball Bánh Mì at Ba Le

It's too easy to walk into Ba Le, take one look at the menu, and order the Number 1: the classic bánh mì. But next time you're craving the assurance of satisfaction that comes with a well-known classic but want something a little different, the Meatball Bánh Mì ($3.95) is a great place to start. More

Knockout Noodles: Sun Wah BBQ

It was with a conflicted heart that I made my (wildly overdue) inaugural visit to Sun Wah BBQ recently with the express intent to eat noodles. Would it be laughably misguided of me to finally hit up such a well-known haven of grilled meats and subsist solely on its slurpables? Turns out, it's not the crippling dilemma I thought it'd be. More

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