Grand Crossing, South Side


A Farewell to Uncle John's BBQ

News Joe Roy 4 comments

I've never gotten choked up about a restaurant closing—until today, when I learned that Uncle John's BBQ on 69th closed its doors for good. More

Sausage City: Uncle John's BBQ Hot Links

Sausage City Blake Royer 4 comments

When it comes to great barbecue, Chicago does things a little differently. Perhaps nobody in the city does it better than Uncle John's, where the links are flecked with red pepper flakes and taste deeply of sage and pork fat. More

Chicago: Uncle John's Aquarium-Soaked Ribs

When Pigs Fly James Boo 8 comments

There are smokehouse inquisitors who would raise an eyebrow at Uncle John's Barbecue, a hole-in-the-wall, South Side smoke joint that serves its aquarium-smoked ribs and rib tips two ways: drowned in barbecue sauce, and drowned in spicy barbecue sauce. More

Chicago BBQ is Better than Memphis BBQ

Michael Nagrant 34 comments

Dry rub Memphis barbecue. [Flickr: orangachang / CC BY-SA 2.0] Memphis barbecue ain't all that. There, I said it. I expected and wanted Memphis barbecue to be the soul shaking, stomach sating, come-to-Jesus occasion everyone says it is. I... More

Standing Room Only: Uncle John's Barbecue

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

"There is no polite way to attack rib tips. Dig in with both hands and hope you have enough napkins." [Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] Uncle John's Barbecue 337 E 69th Street, Chicago IL 60637 (map) 773-892-1233 The Short Order: Saucy and... More

Serious Eats City Guide: Chicago

Michael Nagrant 33 comments

We asked Michael Nagrant, our normal Chicago go-to guy, to handle this week's Serious Eats City Guide. From deep-dish pizza to the best taqueria and meatiest Eastern European butcher, Michael tells how a missionary of the delicious should visit Chicago. As always, chime in with agreement, or feel free to alert us to any Chicago eats we've overlooked. More

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