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A10 is a Hyde Park Restaurant Worth Caring About

I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about restaurants they care about in Hyde Park. Instead, you usually hear people adamantly professing how little they care for the local restaurants. Admittedly, Hyde Park's restaurant scene is about as hip and happening as people who use the phrase "hip and happening" un-ironically. Well, with the opening of A10, there might actually be something worth caring about. More

Sizing up the Solid Fare at The Medici on 57th in Hyde Park

While Chicago may not be a college town, per se, Hyde Park is certainly a "college neighborhood." In a way, The Med is Hyde Park's answer to a the prototypical college town restaurant. The walls are covered with unrelated, incoherent, yet somehow interesting art, and the art is covered with unrelated, incoherent, and not-so-interesting graffiti. This is unadorned, but solidly good food. More

When College Freshmen Cook: The Hearth Brings Underground Dining to The University of Chicago

Robert figured that on a college budget, most University of Chicago students won't have an opportunity any time soon to eat food from the world's best restaurants, so why not bring it to them? Students joke that with his random lottery that selects the diners, it's harder to get a spot at one of his dinners than it is to get into the school. More

Chicago: 5 Milkshakes We Love

Given Chicago's recent heat wave, perhaps it was only natural that I went running for the ice cream parlors. On the other hand, I sip malts in winter, spring, and fall, so the heat may just be an excuse for the calories. In any case, after searching high and low, north and south, here are five of the best milkshakes in the city of Chicago. More

Chicago: Medici on 57th - Hyde Park's Oldest Pizzeria Is Far From Its Best

Good restaurants have long been scarce in Hyde Park, the southside Chicago neighborhood of my youth. Things have gotten a little better in recent years, but it's still not much of a food destination. There are, however, a nice variety of pizzerias. Giordano's (reviewed here) and Edwardo's (reviewed here) both offer stuffed pies, while Italian Fiesta (reviewed here) serves thin crust, and Caffe Florian (reviewed here) has some excellent deep dish. But predating all those places is Medici on 57th, which has been serving pizza for more than 45 years. More

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