University Village Little Italy, South Side


Gluten Free in Chicago: Urban Union

At Urban Union in Little Italy, Chef Michael Shrader's seafood-focused cuisine naturally favors a gluten free diet, leaning heavily on beautifully composed plates of fresh fish and seasonal produce. The restaurant doesn't offer a separate gluten free menu because they simply don't need one. More

Jim's Original vs. Express Grill: Which Polish Sausage Stand is the Best?

In Chicago, our most prominent permanent restaurant showdown takes place on South Union Avenue, where two Polish sausage joints, Jim's Original and Express Grill, stand shoulder to shoulder. For people driving north on 90/94 into the city, this pairing is the last thing you see before you arrive downtown. Ever since I moved to the city, I've wondered which one was better. I decided to order every item on both menu and find out. More

Knockout Noodles: Davanti Enoteca

A precious few pasta dishes grace the menu at Davanti Enoteca, restaurateur Scott Harris's rustically appointed wine bar and shared-plates Italian restaurant. I couldn't help but take this relative dearth of noodle options as a sign of the kitchen's confidence; if pasta is the measure of a good Italian food, then these chefs have chosen to hang their toques on a pretty narrow hook. More

Hangover Helper: Maxwell Street Omelet at Hash Browns, Chicago IL

Let's say you were out last night, and you lost your keys, pants, and girlfriend somewhere on your alcohol-fueled adventure. You're going to need some fuel to get all three back. Head over to Hash Browns in the University Village neighborhood of Chicago to get a Maxwell Street Omelet and some Killer Hash Browns. The omelet contains slices of Polish sausage, grilled onions, grilled pork chop, and your choice of cheese. More

The Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

I set out to sample 11 different Italian Beefs with three friends. We came with eager stomachs and a fairly wide array of experience. I've been eating the sandwiches for at least 25 years. At each stop, we each ate about three inches of a sandwich, each of which was topped with giardiniera and dipped in the thin gravy. Our goal wasn't to crown the best Italian Beef in the city—that cannot be done in just one day. Find out the results. Spoiler: it's not Al's. More

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