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Jerusalem-Style Grilling at Manara Restaurant in Bridgeview

Mike Gebert 16 comments

The Jerusalem-style of grill is a kind of metal trench which you might mistake for a planter, if it weren't on fire. Burning coals are piled up in it, and then the meats to be grilled are threaded on metal skewers just long enough to rest on the grill directly over the coals. More

Jamaican Jerk Chicken at Claire's Korner in Evanston

Mike Gebert 4 comments

Claire's Korner, on the west side of Evanston, serves up a cafeteria line of Jamaican classics six days a week. There's just a few seats, so the assumption is you're taking it to go and either way it comes in a styrofoam container. More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Beef at Pop's Italian Beef & Sausage

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

Pop's is probably not worth making a trek for, but it's a dependable and solid local stand, and I'd be lucky to have one nearby. More

Blue Collar Gourmet Food at Big Guys Sausages in Berwyn

Mike Gebert 5 comments

What's nice about O'Connor's sausages is that nothing is too out there; he calls his food "blue collar gourmet food," which pretty much sums up an approach of quality with lack of pretension. More

Deep Fried Chicago: We Eat All the Fried Food at Wiener & Still Champion

Deep Fried Chicago Joe Roy 1 comment

Wiener & Still Champion has been on my list since I started writing about fried food, and I finally bit the bullet and braved the Kennedy and Edens the other night to see what all the fuss was about. Since it's such a jaunt for me, I decided to go all out and order every house made fried item, because why the hell not? More

Chicagoland: Back Alley Burger Serves 'The Most Insane-est Hottest Burger Ever-est'

Jennifer Olvera 11 comments

Back Alley Burger in La Grange has a super lineup of creative burgers and sides with fab shakes and homemade pie. More

A Sandwich a Day: Bacon Loretta at Sarkis Cafe

A Sandwich a Day Molly Durham Post a comment

Sarkis Cafe is often confused with Sarks in the Park in Lincoln Park, but they aren't the same thing. Sure they serve some similar sandwiches and breakfast all day, but Sarkis doesn't deliver and it's been around forever. More

Chicagoland: Tongue-Singeing Thai at Thai O'Cha in Darien, IL

Jennifer Olvera 1 comment

Thai O'Cha in Darien is a hidden gem with all the greatest hits, well-prepared More

Underground Dining at Feast & Imbibe in Evanston

Chicago Amber Gibson Post a comment

Feast & Imbibe is an underground restaurant juxtaposing a casual atmosphere with a multi-course tasting menu presented by chef D'Andre Carter and beverage pairings by sommelier Heather Bublick. More

Chicagoland: Westmont's Uncle Bub's BBQ

Jennifer Olvera 3 comments

Uncle Bub's BBQ in Westmont dishes up tasty smoked meats and superior sides. More

Chicagoland: Little Joe's, A Bastion for Beef in Countryside, IL

Jennifer Olvera 5 comments

Little Joe's in Countryside is a must for Italian beef and hot dogs, topped with shaved celery giardiniera. More

Chicagoland: World's Best Burgers at Fred's in Burlington, WI

Jennifer Olvera 5 comments

Fred's in Burlington, Wisconsin, has one amazing burger and great Parmesan-covered, house-made potato chips, too. More

Chicagoland: Seafood And 'Cue at Captain Porky's

Jennifer Olvera 1 comment

Captain Porky's in Wadsworth goes to great pains to source and serve some of the area's best barbecue and seafood, all under one wood-trimmed roof. More

A Sandwich a Day: Meatball Sub at Freddy's in Cicero, IL

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

If you haven't been introduced, meet the meatball sub at Freddy's Pizza. It's a monster of a sandwich. Each meatball is the size of a fist and served on a roll as long as a forearm (hey, I didn't have a tape measurer, and my arm was close). More

Chicagoland: Mrs. T's Memorable Mushroom Pizza in Downers Grove

Jennifer Olvera 3 comments

Mrs. T's Pizza in Downers Grove is easily overlooked, but standout mushroom pizza makes it destination-worthy. More

After Flood, Gene & Jude's Begins to Rebuild

News Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

Gene & Jude's has been closed since mid-April due to flooding, but there was finally some good news over the weekend, when it announced that it was renovating the space. More

Chicagoland: Sloppy Sandwiches at Naperville's Schmaltz Deli

Jennifer Olvera 6 comments

Schmaltz is a Jewish deli in Naperville, serving great pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, potato pancakes, homemade soup, noodle kugel and cookies. More

Chicagoland: Bohemian Fare at Riverside Restaurant

Jennifer Olvera 3 comments

Riverside Restaurant is one of a handful of remaining Berwyn area Bohemian restaurants, serving destination-worthy bread dumplings and roast duck. More

Chicagoland: Terrific Tofu at Chinese Kitchen in Westmont

Jennifer Olvera 6 comments

Chinese Kitchen in Westmont serves authentic fare in an unassuming setting, with standout dishes like fried tofu with jalapenos and salt. More

Standing Room Only: Rand Red Hots is Ready for Spotlight

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

Rand Red Hots is not a copy of Gene & Jude's, Redhot Ranch, or any other minimalist hot dog stand in the area. It's actually unique, which is about as big of a compliment as I could give it. More

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