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Chain Reaction: Bennigan's

My first memory of Bennigan's from high school isn't a good one: I ate a greasy fried chicken-topped salad that left me feeling absolutely terrible. After recently returning to review the burger, I left feeling similarly terrible and overwhelmed with grease. More

Chicago: Cheffy Burgers Done Right at The Florentine

Some chefs at higher end restaurants get a little too fancy with their burgers, obscuring the wonderful simplicity of a ground beef patty. And some chefs simply put out a regular burger made of delicious beef, which is fine but not that inspiring. At The Florentine, executive chef Todd Stein finds an excellent middle ground, offering up a pair of patties that, while pricey, offer slight gourmet twists that make the burgers worth checking out. More

Chicago: A Very Good Burger is Not Worthy of a Kitchen as Great as Nightwood's

Nightwood has gotten a ridiculous amount of praise since it opened its doors nearly two years ago and from what I can tell, every bit of it is deserved. Most of the menu changes regularly and the kitchen has been known to show some creativity with its burgers. But while the burger I ate during my visit was truly delicious, at a restaurant this good I wanted to be wowed. More

Chicago: Monk's Pub Does Enough to Get By

We cannot expect every restaurant to only use top-quality ingredients in their burgers. But as diners, we certainly can limit ourselves to restaurants that at least put in the effort to do the best with what they have. Monk's Pub doesn't hold itself out to be a burger paradise, but with patties that are consistently cooked to the requested temperature and topped with a variety of combinations, it's not hard to understand why downtown office workers have been filling Monk's for more than four decades. More

Chicago: Burgers at DMK Burger Bar Are a BFD

Looking at the impressive array of burgers, sides and drinks on the menu at DMK Burger Bar, it would be easy to assume the place has taken on more than it can handle. But that assumption would be dead wrong. The outstanding creatively-topped griddled grass-fed burgers are unquestionably the main attraction, but the fries are right up there with them. Together, they make DMK one of the better burger joints in Chicago. More

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