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Chicago Essential: Burt's Place

For nearly 50 years spent at four different pizzerias, Burt Katz has been putting out some of the best pizza in Chicago. Since 1989, he's been putting out pies that have made Burt's Place a local favorite and must-try for visiting pizza freaks. More

Chicago: Bakery Pizza Done Right at D'Amato's

D'Amato's has existed under its current name and ownership since 1971, but the location has been home to a bakery with same massive coal-burning oven since 1880. In the years since the D'Amato family started selling pizza, Chicago has seen an explosion in its pizza scene. Through it all, D'Amato's has held its ground and still puts out what are, dollar for dollar, among the best slices in town. More

Chicago: Disappointment at Pete's Pizzeria #2

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but a good cover may get you to open a book. If I see an old school pizzeria with a big neon sign, worn pleather seats, and pictures of restaurant-sponsored Little League teams, I'm going to dive in with high hopes. Pete's Pizzeria #2 has all the signs of a classically delicious pizza joint, but unfortunately the pizza comes up woefully short. More

Stuffed Pizza Mediocrity at Carmen's is Still More Than a Little Satisfying

When a certain Food Lab writer called me out last week for not presenting strong Chicago pizza options, I had a couple of reactions. First, I had to point out that, in fact, the week prior to last week's monstrosity was actually an excellent pie. But second, knowing that I was being watched left me hoping more than usual to find a good one this week. I grew up on stuffed pizza and the style almost never disappoints, so I headed up to Evanston to try out Carmen's Pizza. I was able to scratch my stuffed pizza craving itch, but it was not the most satisfying experience. More

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