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Lunch in the Loop: Cafecito

Lunch in the Loop Dennis Lee 3 comments

Cafecito is located near three or four colleges and universities, the Harold Washington Library, and a block and a half away from the Loop L Train. It's located next door to a hostel in a relatively nondescript building. But don't let that fool you. Cafecito has some of the best Cuban sandwiches in the entire city of Chicago. And they're cheap, too! More

Standing Room Only: Tropi Cuban

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 8 comments

"It's one of the best sandwiches you can get in Chicago for under $4." [Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger] Tropi Cuban 3000 W. Lyndale Street, Chicago IL 60647 (map); 773-252-0230 The Short Order: Friendly stand in Cuban grocery store, with incredible Cuban... More

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