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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Paul Fehribach's East Lakeview

Neighborhood Guides Amy Cavanaugh 3 comments

At Big Jones, chef and co-owner Paul Fehribach cooks up Southern dishes rooted in history. But when it comes time to eat in his East Lakeview neighborhood, where he's lived for about seven years, Fehribach favors a mix of old and new. More

A Look at the Serious Eats Chicago Launch Party

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

I knew the main reason Ed wanted to have a launch party in Chicago was so that he would have an excuse to get as many of his favorite Chicago restaurants together in the same room as possible. Picking one was an impossibility, but our preliminary list quickly grew to the point where there were almost as many restaurants as potential guests. In the end, we settled on four amazing places . More

Chicago Essential: Great Lake

Slice: Chicago Daniel Zemans 9 comments

How good is the pizza at Great Lake? If you meet someone who has eaten there and they do not tell you they had one of the best pizza of their lives, you probably don't want to listen to anything that person has to say about food. More

Chicago's Great Lake Pizzeria in 'New York Times' Business Section

Adam Kuban Post a comment

The New York Times business section runs a story on the seemingly mad, mad business practices of Nick Lessins and Lydia Esparza, the owners of Chicago's celebrated Great Lake pizzeria. The place is tiny and doesn't take reservations; it's only... More

Great Lake Is Great Shakes: The Windy City Finally Has Great Pizza to Call Its Own

Ed Levine 47 comments

I went to Chicago last weekend for the thoroughly enjoyable Gold Peak Tea event at Blackbird. I spent three days there and I must tell serious eaters everywhere that it may have been the finest 72 hours of eating I... More

Great Lake: Stunningly Good Pizza in Chicago

Daniel Zemans 12 comments

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel on the Windy City pizza scene. Daniel also blogs about Chicagoland pizza with his friends on the Chicago Pizza Club blog. --The Mgmt. Great Lake 1477 W.... More

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