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Chicago Tacos: Can You Find Great Tacos at Whole Foods?

Chicago Tacos Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

The Whole Foods in Lincoln Park has a bounty of fresh produce, and a fleet of young, eager cooks. Is it possible that they could kick out a top quality taco? I was surprised to find that there was even an al pastor spit spinning when I arrived. More

The Vegetarian Option: The Vegetarian Bánh Mi at Whole Foods Gold Coast

The Vegetarian Option Roger Kamholz 5 comments

The Whole Foods Market on Huron Street in River North does a brisk lunch business, thanks to a big soup and salad bar, a prepared-food department, and a station serving pizza by the slice and made-to-order sandwiches. It was there, at the sandwich station, that I encountered the delicious vegetarian bánh mi ($5.99). More

Voluptuous Veg and Prurient Protein

Michael Nagrant 5 comments

Some of the products and amenities of the new Whole Foods in Chicago. I've always thought that if cooking shows and cookbook photography are food porn, then the modern grocery store might just be the culinary version of a... More

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