'Wicker Park' on Serious Eats

Chop Shop Does It All, But Does It Have The Chops?

Chop Shop has everything—a butcher counter that serves sandwiches by day, an upstairs restaurant with a seasonal menu by night, and on the evening we visited, a purple-hued, and possibly dry ice filled, event space in the back roughly the size of a city block. My grandpa, the butcher (God rest his soul), would be amazed at just how far the humble meat counter has come. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Bangers & Lace

The deep frier at Bangers & Lace is put through its paces—so much so that I had to be extra selective on a recent visit. It's not often that a restaurant deep fries more than this column can handle, but any time my hot oil cup runneth over is a win win for everyone. More

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