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Chicago Tacos: Birria Huentitan

I can see the al pastor spit from the sidewalk outside Birria Huentitan in Hermosa, and it looks glorious. Red-tinged marinated pork slowly turns, as a cook slices off hunks off with a large knife. But there is something else that also grabs my attention. That al pastor spit isn't some modified gyros machine, which most taquerias use to cook their al pastor. No, this is an actual al pastor spit, and instead of the standard gas flame it uses charcoal—a sight I haven't seen since Mexico City. More

Chicago Tacos: De Cero Taqueria

I see the al pastor spit and it is running. Potentially, this is good news. Ever since I challenged myself to find the best al pastor in Chicago, I've been looking for places that actually cook the marinated pork on a spit and carve it to order. And here I see proof of the spit the moment I walk into De Cero Taqueria in the West Loop. More

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