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6 Icy Treats to Celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Win

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Sure, it's kind of a stretch, but with temperatures close to 90 today, icy treats aren't such a bad thing, right? Plus, if you apply any of these directly to your forehead, it might help temporarily relieve that headache. More

Knockout Noodles: The Best Noodle Dishes of 2012 in Chicago

Chicago Roger Kamholz Post a comment

Boy, my Atkins diet has not been going well. Yes sir, I've been hitting the carbs pretty hard this past year in search of Chicago's best noodles. And looking back on 12 months' worth of Knockout Noodles columns, I feel confident when I say this is an exciting time to be a noodle lover in this town. More

Chicago: An Evening At Aviary

Chicago Jessica Leibowitz 5 comments

Never before has an evening at a cocktail bar been such a theatrical experience. My expectations were high after hearing the hype surrounding Aviary, the recently-opened hotspot of chef Grant Achatz and business partner Nick Kokonas (other projects include Alinea and Next). Visions of smoke, mirrors, and white-coats working in laboratories floated through my head...It turns out I wasn't that far off. More

Video: Grant Achatz's Bubble Tea Gin and Tonic

Erin Zimmer 8 comments

Alinea chef Grant Achatz wouldn't have any ole gin and tonic at his soon-to-open experimental cocktail bar Aviary. He'd do one up with Anchor's junipero gin, yellow chartreuse, and cucumber alginate encapsulation, a fancy name for those cucumber bubble tea balls—and there are 100 in this glass! Imagine making 200 of those drinks a night. That's 20,000 balls, people! More

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