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Bar Eats: Owen & Engine Re-Perfects British Food in Logan Square

Josh Conley 11 comments

Some places re-invent, others re-imagine; Owen & Engine serves British pub food, re-perfected. More

Bar Eats: Visit Revolution Brewing for the Beer, But Stay for Dinner

Josh Conley 2 comments

It's fitting that "evolution" is part of the name, because this place is quite a few steps removed from the industrial park/cement garage/questionable legality days of brewery visits. More

Bar Eats: The Publican

Josh Conley 2 comments

It's all about the pork at The Publican. While Paul Kahan's place features just as much seafood, there's no hanging artwork of an oversized fish on the walls, I'm just saying. More

Bar Eats: Old Oak Tap

Josh Conley Post a comment

Behind an entrance that would give your average abbot door envy, Old Oak Tap is an altar where Ukranian Village brunchers come to pray. More

Bar Eats: Explore the Wilds of Wisconsin at Will's Northwoods Inn

Josh Conley 5 comments

Better known for heartiness over refinement, Wisconsin cuisine evokes images of summer sausage, curds, brats, and other beer soaker-uppers. Probably fried, with butter on top. More

Bar Eats: Fork

Josh Conley 1 comment

Fork invites you to sit down and have some good food paired with good drinks. A little of this, a little of that, with friendly, knowledgeable staff, and no pretenses. I'm still not 100% sure that's upscale casual, but it's certainly worth checking out. More

Bar Eats: Check Out the Cicchetti at Ombra

Josh Conley Post a comment

Largely a Venetian thing, cicchetti are essentially Italian tapas, small shared fare to linger over, preferably with a glass of white wine. However, if Venice is not in your immediate future, you can find a nice rendering of the concept right here in Chicago, at Ombra. More

Bar Eats: Big Bites at Small Bar

Josh Conley 2 comments

A little beer nerd outpost smack in the nucleus of the yupster bubble of Ukrainian Village, Small bar attracts moustaches the way puddles attract rain. More

Bar Eats: Three Aces Delivers 'Tatted Up Italian Fare'

Josh Conley 1 comment

A friendly rockabilly/punk/hipster-esque neighborhood joint, with an almost speakeasy feel, a pool table in back, and a menu of tatted-up Italian fare that may cause some double-takes. More

Bar Eats: Gaslight Bar & Grille

Josh Conley 6 comments

The distinction of neighborhood bar means the place is physically located in a residential neighborhood, and is frequented by said residents. And then also by outsiders like me, who come just for the food. More

Bar Eats: Goose Island Brewpub

Josh Conley 6 comments

Great food doesn't open its door to suggestions; good food, however, leaves that door slightly ajar. More

Bar Eats: Savor Tator Tots in the Dark at Skylark

Josh Conley 1 comment

I would describe the food as somewhere between Midwest comfort and upscale cafeteria. And that is in no way a slam. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Panino di Pollo e Peperonata at Johnny Brown Bag

A Sandwich a Day Josh Conley Post a comment

Johnny Brown Bag has had staying power possibly because it's exactly what you think it's not. It is a cozy little BYO restaurant, complete with a menu of small plates, pizzas, pastas, and, yes, sandwiches. More

Bar Eats: The Red Lion Lincoln Square

Josh Conley 2 comments

British food used to be the butt of a lot of jokes; greasy and dull, a lot of it didn't make the trip across the pond for good reason. But places like Red Lion Lincoln Square are doing its best to change that impression. And it's working. More

Bar Eats: Twisted Spoke

Josh Conley 1 comment

Twisted Spoke could easily be the friendliest little biker bar in Chicago. Sounds kind of like a Broadway musical, doesn't it? Please don't tell them I said that. More

Bar Eats: Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Josh Conley 12 comments

Like the Neil Young of Chicago brewmasters, Jonathan Cutler has won over twenty major awards for his reliably great beer, and he sells it right beside excellent New Haven style pizza at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria. More

Bar Eats: Escape to New Orleans at Maple Tree Inn

Josh Conley 7 comments

Maple Tree Inn doesn't make you feel like you are their guest for the evening; it makes you feel like more like a house guest, with a table always waiting for you. More

Bar Eats: Laschet's Inn Just Wants to Be Your Friend

Josh Conley 8 comments

With its Bavarian fa├žade and unmistakable black and yellow German coat of arms aglow on Irving Park, you've probably seen Laschet's Inn at least a dozen times, each with the same thought--I wonder what happens in there? More

Bar Eats: 3 Floyds Brewpub Worth the Trek to Indiana

Josh Conley 10 comments

The menu, like the beer, is unapologetically in your face with flavor you can't avoid. What hops are to the beer, salt is to these dishes. More

Bar Eats: Chief O'Neill's is the Irish Pub 'You've Been Practicing For'

Josh Conley 5 comments

Dubbing itself, "The pub you've been practicing for," Chief O'Neill's has something for everyone. My advice is go for the drinks, but stay for the food. More

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