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Nick's Best Chicago Bites of 2013

Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

No matter how much I think I have the dining scene figured out, there is always more to find. I can't wait to get back to work in 2014, but here are the dishes that genuinely excited me in 2013. More

The 20 Most Popular Posts on Serious Eats Chicago in 2013

The Serious Eats Chicago Team Post a comment

instead of dealing with abstract concepts of "the best" or "our favorite," this list is based on cold hard facts. There's no room for the vague here, just the posts ranked by most visitors, thank you very much. More

Nick's Best New Chicago Restaurants of 2013

Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Do you prefer impeccably grilled Japanese food, extra-crunchy fried chicken, or freshly grilled carne asada? If you're like me, you want all of it, which made it such a thrill to dine out in Chicago this year. More

Joe's 10 Best Bites of 2013 in Chicago

Joe Roy 1 comment

I broadened my fried-food-only focus a little over midway through the year and hit the two year mark as a contributor in November. But whether I was slogging through french fries, fried chicken, top notch doughnuts, or beyond, I was continually struck by just how good it is to eat in Chicago. More

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