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Where to Eat in the Chicago Pedway

When it gets really cold, like it is right now, workers in Chicago take advantage of one of the city's little known assets: the Pedway. This mostly underground path—with a few covered pedestrian bridges thrown in—allows workers to shuffle to and from work without getting battered by the elements. As I found out, you can also eat down there. More

Lunch in the Loop: Big Easy in the Chase Tower

This review almost didn't happen. As soon as I snapped the photo of the little service counter, a mysterious man in business attire showed up out of thin air to tell me that taking photos within the Chase Tower is strictly forbidden. But I was able to whisk away like a ninja under the cover of darkness, draped in Cajun food. More

Standing Room Only: Jimmy Bannos Sr.'s Big Easy in the Chase Tower

List off the usual clich├ęs that plague corporate cafeterias, and the Urban Market in the Chase Tower in the Loop probably has them all covered. But quietly over the past few months, a number of chef-branded stalls have quietly replaced the no-name eateries here, transforming the cafeteria into something that everyone might actually be interested in checking out. That includes Jimmy Bannos's Big Easy. More

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