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Eat This Now: Tonkotsu Ramen from Strings Ramen in Chinatown

I was excited to see the opening of Strings Ramen in Chinatown just a few doors down from The Phoenix Room. I got even more excited when I saw the menu only has four bowls of ramen on it, because I'd rather see a place with a few items it does well rather than a billion things it does a mediocre job with (I'm looking at you, Cheesecake Factory). More

Order Like a Pro at Lao Hunan in Chicago's Chinatown

Culled from a dozen or so trial and error trips, the following dishes represent sure-fire hits when planning a trip to Lao Hunan. Admittedly, this is not a list of the most obscure, most adventurous dishes on the menu. Instead, it represents a palate-challenging (as opposed to alienating) crash course on dishes guaranteed to result in return visits. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Go 4 Food

Located off the busy strip of Old Chinatown, Go 4 Food is an oft-recommended non Tony Hu spot. This is an important distinction when trying to branch out in the area: the utter abundance of restaurants here makes finding a good one like the proverbial needle. More

TGI Fry-Day: General Tsao's Chicken at Lao Beijing

Large, irregular chunks of breaded and fried chicken, barely charred green and red bell peppers, crunchy baby corn, a few dried red chilies for good measure, all swimming in a viscous pepper seed specked brick red sauce. Spooned over the accompanying steamed rice, the dish was comforting in it's familiarity, but self assured in its preparation. This was no ordinary carry-out General Tsao's Chicken. More

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