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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 13 comments

Though we'd like to see more great Chinese restaurants around Chicago, it's great to realize how many options there truly are. We asked our contributors to pick out their favorite, and of the eight replies, seven of them were different. More

The Secret Menu at Chicago's Sun Wah Bar-B-Que

Michael Nagrant 3 comments

"I mean, it wasn't like some dude tweeted me and told me he was sleeping with my wife, but it was still a surprise." Whatever your take on social networking, the Internet, and all manner of digital time-stealing inventions, one... More

Reconsidering Ed's Potsticker House in Chicago

Michael Nagrant 8 comments

You'd think a place named Ed's Potsticker House would have great potstickers, but you'd be wrong. They're actually kind of the chewy and underseasoned, and my guess is Serious Eats founder Ed Levine could make better "Ed's Potstickers" at... More

Chicago's Best Cheap Ethnic Joints, A Quick Guide

Michael Nagrant 2 comments

Ed Levine made ethnic and cheap eats safe for America, or at least New Yorkers, anyway. In some ways, his seminal work, New York Eats, put pastrami and pizza on the same table as foie and truffles. It's precisely why... More

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