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Deep Fried Chicago: The Purple Pig

The Purple Pig makes it easy: most all dishes of interest are relegated to their own section, simply labeled "Fried Items." Working your way down the list is as good a strategy as any, and one I employed most successfully. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Rockit Burger Bar

Located in the shadow of Wrigley Field, Rockit Burger Bar looks like your typical Wrigleyville bar. But a closer look at the carefully chosen ingredients in thoughtful combinations reveals a thoughtfulness not typical of the neighborhood, and the fried items are no exception. More

Deep Fried Chicago: The Rocking Horse

As Logan Square's dining options become increasingly upscale, I'm glad a place like The Rocking Horse is still putting out solid, frills-lite bar food. And as long as you're sticking with chicken, I can vouch that you'll leave happy, too. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Bangers & Lace

The deep frier at Bangers & Lace is put through its paces—so much so that I had to be extra selective on a recent visit. It's not often that a restaurant deep fries more than this column can handle, but any time my hot oil cup runneth over is a win win for everyone. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Little Goat Diner

With Stephanie Izard at the helm, you're guaranteed the dishes will feature her signature ingredient combination creativity and unhindered fearlessness in the face of calories. And love the concept or hate it, the menu's fried output mostly works. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Mayan Palace

The elusive, red sauce and melted cheese topped chimichanga has been something of a challenge to locate here in Chicago. But I may have finally found my white whale at Mayan Palace, a nondescript Lakeview spot located on a lonely stretch of Halsted. More

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