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South Side Eats: Soluri & Sons Deli Returns to Bridgeport

Titus Ruscitti 1 comment

The new Soluri & Sons Deli on Halsted Street in Bridgeport has picked up right where it left off. Once a popular stop in the '90s, it has returned with subs that are simple and satisfying. More

A Sandwich A Day: Spicy Italian at Chop Shop

A Sandwich a Day Tessa McLean 3 comments

There's no shortage of good Italian sandwiches in Chicago—but please go get one immediately from Chop Shop. More

Publican Quality Meats is Worth Planning Your Day Around, But it's Not Required

Joe Roy 3 comments

Up the street at Publican Quality Meats, they're just waiting for the big party in the back to pay the bill and we can be seated right away. Bingo. More

A Sandwich A Day: Classic Reuben at Dillman's

A Sandwich a Day Tessa McLean 2 comments

When you proclaim to be a play on a Jewish deli (the deli part of the name has since been removed), everyone expects great sandwiches. Which is exactly what I got with the Classic Reuben at Dillman's. More

Is the Best Reuben Sandwich in Chicago at Harrington's Deli?

Titus Ruscitti 6 comments

[Photographs: Titus Ruscitti] Chicago is a world class eating town. No doubt about it. But there are some things where the math just doesn't add up right. Take corned beef for example. I'm just not understanding of why we... More

Eat This Now: Roast Beef Sandwich with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing at Al's Deli

Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

When I first heard about Al's Deli, I imagined some kind of kitschy version of a French deli, one with more polish than personality. In fact, it's just the opposite. Al's is the kind of idiosyncratic place that most neighborhood sandwich shops only wish they could be. More

Lunch in the Loop: It's Okay to Rage-Eat at the Marquette Inn

Lunch in the Loop Dennis Lee 5 comments

The Marquette Inn is an unassuming little diner right in the heart of the Loop. The interior is dark and dingy, but it has a lot of character and is, in my experience, always busy. More

Farewell to Lincoln Square's Delicatessen Meyer

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

Mike Sula of the Chicago Reader says goodbye to Lincoln Square's Delicatessen Meyer, which shut its doors for the last time on Monday after 53 years in business. The Koetke family, which owned it for 48 years, sold it... More

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