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Deep Fried Chicago: Joe Roy's Deep Fried Year in Review

Chicago Joe Roy Post a comment

Over the course of a year, I eat more french fries and onion rings than is probably currently legal per person in New York City. But just when potatoes and onions start to weigh me down (literally and figuratively), I come across a deep fried dish that renews my Quixotic quest of slogging through Chicago's fryers. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Hackney's Printer's Row

Deep Fried Chicago Joe Roy 4 comments

The suburb-sized portions are topped only by the improbably low prices (especially on craft beer!), and the dining room bustles with the energy of regulars and first-timers alike. More

The Over 21 Club: Hackney's

The Over 21 Club Dennis Lee 4 comments

Before I came to Hackney's, I told myself I'd order anything but the burger. Anything. But I saw the words "Patty Melt," ($10.95) and that's when I died. In my mind, a patty melt is a combination of a burger and a regular sandwich. But which one is it officially? Well, at least according to Hackney's, it is a sandwich, as it's not listed on the burger side of the menu but on the sandwich side. That's all the justification I needed. More

Hackney's in Chicago: The Best Underseasoned Mushy Burger in Town

AHT: Chicago Daniel Zemans 8 comments

[Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Hackney's 733 S. Dearborn, Chicago IL 60605 (map); 312-461-1116‎; hackneys.net or hackneysprintersrow.com Cooking Method: Griddled Short Order: Decent burgers that are cooked properly, but underseasoned and devoid of charring. Want Fries With That? Mediocre fries should... More

Top 5: Daniel Zemans' Favorite Burgers in Chicago

AHT: Chicago Daniel Zemans 11 comments

Note: Last week AHT contributor Nick Solares shared his top 5 burgers in New York City. This week our Chicago correspondent Daniel Zemans weighs in with his five favorite burgers. Burger from Primehouse. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] I offer my Top... More

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