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Behind the Sweets: Lindsay Zamora Makes S'more Pie at Hoosier Mama Pie Co.

Behind the Sweets Lindsey Becker 3 comments

Lindsay was kind enough to show me the process behind their S'more Pie. This is one of many rotating pies, so if you're craving this picture-perfect pie after clicking through the slideshow, be sure to call ahead for availability or better yet, give them at least 48 hours notice and place a special order. More

8 Breakfast Pastries We Love in Chicago

Sugar Rush Kate Bernot 7 comments

Not to deal in binaries, but there are basically two types of people when it comes to breakfast. First, the ascetic health nuts who live on non-dairy smoothies and fiber bars; second, the folks who wolf down a Denny's Grand Slam with a side of extra bacon. Breakfast pastries are the overlooked, sane middle ground. More

5 Places to Pick up a Thanksgiving Pie in Chicago

Michell Eloy 2 comments

Too consumed by work to bake a pie for Thanksgiving? Family already providing enough stress? We know not everyone can be a domestic deity, which is why this Thanksgiving we at Serious Eats Chicago are giving thanks for these five bakeries and their delicious made-to-order holiday pies. More

A Look at the Serious Eats Chicago Launch Party

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

I knew the main reason Ed wanted to have a launch party in Chicago was so that he would have an excuse to get as many of his favorite Chicago restaurants together in the same room as possible. Picking one was an impossibility, but our preliminary list quickly grew to the point where there were almost as many restaurants as potential guests. In the end, we settled on four amazing places . More

Photo of the Day: Pie Feast Aftermath at Hoosier Mama in Chicago

Robyn Lee 9 comments

Yesterday morning at the end of our four-day trip to Chicago, Ed crossed an item off his list of "Things To Do Before I Die": try every pie* at Hoosier Mama, one of his favorite pie shops in the country. The table was graced with 13 kinds of pies, along with some muffins and savory hand pies. And no, Ed didn't eat them all by himself; he had help from five Serious Eaters. It was our first and best meal of the day. Owner Paula Haney's magical pie touch is still going strong. More

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