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Nine Pancakes We Love in Chicago

We live in an era when people are willing to get out of bed just to go stand in line for an hour or more to eat breakfast. When diners show that kind of commitment to getting a good meal, expectations rise accordingly. Fortunately, when it comes to pancakes, Chicago's restaurants are up for the challenge. More

Gift Guide: For Chicagoans (Expat and Otherwise)

With the holiday season now in full swing, we've put together a little collection of some of our favorite products from the Windy City, including a collection of food, t-shirts, cookbooks, and other products that we'd enjoy receiving in the mail (hint, hint). So, whether you currently reside in the city or live far away and want a little taste of home, check it out and let us know what you think. More

A Look at the Serious Eats Chicago Launch Party

I knew the main reason Ed wanted to have a launch party in Chicago was so that he would have an excuse to get as many of his favorite Chicago restaurants together in the same room as possible. Picking one was an impossibility, but our preliminary list quickly grew to the point where there were almost as many restaurants as potential guests. In the end, we settled on four amazing places . More

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