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32 Cheap Eats We Love in Lakeview

We don't want to get all hyperbolic, but we're unsure if any other neighborhood equals Lakeview in the quantity and diversity of its cheap eats. Sure, the Chicago classics are covered, including some of the best examples of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza in the city. But what we love the is the mix of new and old. More

Standing Room Only: Hot Diggity Dogs

At first glance, Hot Diggity Dogs looks like the kind of place that has been open for 40 years or so. The menu doesn't help. The stand, located underneath the Wellington Red Line station, specializes almost exclusively on the trinity of hot dogs, Italian beefs, and burgers. But, in fact, it has only been open for little over a year, making it one of a number of places that have popped up in the wake of Hot Doug's immense success. More

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