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A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef Sandwich at KnockBox Café

A Sandwich a Day Sarah Song 1 comment

Located across from the California Clipper, KnockBox Café welcomes the lingering mid-day sojourner with comfortable sofas, funky burlap bag cushions, and a fake fireplace (which gives off little to no heat). More

Cheap Eats We Love in Humboldt Park

Nick Kindelsperger 2 comments

This large neighborhood is probably best known for its Puerto Rican community and as the birthplace of the jibarito. But there is much more to explore in Humboldt Park. More

Check Out the 'Utilitarian Simplicity' of Joe Boston's Italian Beef

Mike Gebert 6 comments

Joe Boston's is one of those places that's outlasted the businesses that it was started to serve, and waits for a new crowd to find it in its lonely little plot in the American industrial desert. Check it out before it gets decorated and the prices go up. More

The Tofu Sweet Potato Hash at the Flying Saucer

Lindsey Howald Patton Post a comment

In a world populated with plenty of piles of greasy potatoes, this simple kale-stuffed breakfast stands out. More

Settle in for a Long Winter's Nap After Dinner at Feed

Joe Roy Post a comment

All the pieces are here for a comforting break from the cold weather outside. All Feed needs to do is work on the arrangement. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Chris Gawronski's Humboldt Park

Neighborhood Guides Amber Gibson 2 comments

Chris Gawronski, the executive chef at Henri, says he moved to Humboldt Park on a whim, after visiting colleague Clint Rogers. "I went on Craigslist, found a spot, and I moved a week later," Gawronski explains. "I like how quiet the neighborhood. It was a total relaxation from Wrigleyville." More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Lee Kuebler's Ukrainian Village

Neighborhood Guides Amber Gibson 1 comment

"The food scene has been blowing up in Ukrainian Village," says Lee Kuebler, the chef de cuisine at Ada St. "There's a lot of Eastern European families and it's a nice quiet neighborhood, but it's close enough to West Town or Wicker Park that you can access those neighborhoods but stay away from it too." More

TGI Fry-Day: Kabocha Tempura Maki at Kai Zan

TGI Fry-Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Kai Zan is one of those rare warm and inviting sushi restaurants. In fact, it's downright cozy, a huge improvement over the sleek and hard edged style of most sushi joints, where you feel about as welcome as a kid in a jewelry store. More

A Sandwich a Day: BBQ Chicken Sandwich at Feed

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

As soon as you walk in Feed, you can see the browned and crispy looking birds slowly spinning in the rotisserie oven. How could I not try the chicken sandwich? More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Beef Combo at Joe's Boston

A Sandwich a Day Josh Conley Post a comment

Juicy, peppery, garlicky, translucent slices of tender beef heaped on a split Italian roll is the mainstay at Joe Boston's. But add to that the accompanying snap of a well-nestled mild Italian sausage, and you have a meat-on-meat venture that is less about excess and more about pairing. More

A Sandwich a Day: Bistec Sandwich at Diana's Food & Restaurant

A Sandwich a Day Debbie Carlos Post a comment

As its name suggests, Diana's Food & Restaurant is half convenience store and half restaurant in the heart of Humboldt Park. While the restaurant does randomly serve some tacos and burritos, it's the authentic Puerto Rican dishes that really shine. More

A Sandwich a Day: Fried Catfish Sandwich at Feed

A Sandwich a Day Debbie Carlos 5 comments

Though difficult to go to Feed in Humboldt Park and not get the rotisserie chicken, the fried catfish sandwich ($7.49) is also worth a look. The catfish filet is covered in a hearty cornmeal coating that is firm, crunchy, and well seasoned. More

A Sandwich a Day: Morning Sandwich at Grandma J's Local Kitchen

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Building a sandwich where the eggs are the main event instead of the exhuberant add-on is tough to do. But Grandma J's Local Kitchen in Humboldt solves this problem by using another foolproof ingredient that miraculously enhances everything it touches—bacon. More

The 10 Best Jibaritos in Chicago

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 15 comments

Of all of Chicago's original sandwich creations, none is as unique or beguiling as the jibarito. Here are ten different options, all distinct, and ready for you to devour. More

Chicago Tacos: Cemitas Puebla

Chicago Tacos Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Though Cemitas Puebla is well known for cemitas—exceptional ones, I might add—there also happen to be a lot of tacos on the menu. It was time to try them. Considering how carefully those cemitas are constructed, I knew that the chances were good that the tacos would at least be solid. That, however, wouldn't have been good enough. The cemitas are near transcendent, so anything less than great would be somewhat of a disappointment. More

Standing Room Only: Isla de Cafe Food Truck in Humboldt Park

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

If you want a glimpse of what Chicago could look like with relaxed food truck laws, you don't have to fly to Portland or even take the Purple Line up north to Evanston. Just head west to Humboldt Park, the gorgeous 207-acre park by the neighborhood of the same name. That's where you'll find Isla de Cafe in a silver Airstream truck, which on bright and sunny days, shines like a beacon from across the park. More

Chicago Tacos: Bullhead Cantina

Chicago Tacos Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Let's start out with the obvious: if you don't think Bullhead Cantina picked up an idea or two for its whiskey bar and taco joint theme from Big Star, then you probably have been sipping a few too many shots of Evan Williams. But Bullhead also shows a real interest in kicking out quality tacos, which is something I can always support. More

Chicago Tacos: La Encantada, Located at the Intersection of Art and Tacos

Chicago Tacos Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Who knew art galleries and tacos got along so well? Last week I encountered shocking skillful food coming out of DeColores in Pilsen. This week I found similarly delicious food at La Encantada, which is located in Humboldt Park. More

A Sandwich a Day: Shrimp Jibarito at Joey's Shrimp House

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Did I just manage to randomly stumble upon one of the best jibaritos in Chicago? My intention was to visit Joey's Shrimp House in Humboldt Park for a massive fried shrimp po' boy. But when I asked the manager what I had to try, he went straight for the shrimp jibarito ($8.95). How could I pass it up? More

A Sandwich a Day: Milanesa Cemita at Cemitas Puebla

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

Why do I keep going back to Cemitas Puebla? Sure, there are other truly remarkable sandwiches in town. It's just that no matter how many cemitas I've consumed—and I've had many—I always manage to be surprised by some small detail. More

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