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We Chat With: Chugger Lupo of Soups In the Loop, Chicago's Soup Truck

We Chat With Carol Hilker 3 comments

Chugger Lupo, the owner of Chicago's one and only soup food truck, Soups In The Loop says it was a case of the sniffles that inspired his food truck. More

We Chat With: Gabriel Wiesen of Beavers Donuts, Chicago's Donut Truck

We Chat With Carol Hilker 1 comment

On as many as seven mornings a week, Gabriel Wiesen, along with his co-owner and friend, James Nuccio, park their cop-colored blue donut truck (with a giant beaver on the side) at various scheduled stops around the city, so they can sell made-to-order mini-donuts and donut holes. Wiesen talked with us about what it's like to cook onboard the truck. More

We Chat With: Rebecca VanderKloot and Luke Petillon of Puffs of Doom, Chicago's Homemade Cream Puff Vendors

We Chat With Carol Hilker Post a comment

Puffs of Doom has made a name by selling sweet and savory cream puffs all around Chicago in more than 300 flavors ranging from the classic (chocolate ├ęclair) to the slightly wild (chocolate bacon ├ęclair) to far-out favorites (egg and sausage doom puffin). More

We Chat With: Erika Stone-Miller of Ice Cubed, Chicago's Gourmet Ice Pop and Ice Cream Truck

We Chat With Carol Hilker Post a comment

Erika Stone-Miller's gourmet ice cream truck, Ice Cubed, may be less than a month old, but the truck has already created a loud buzz thanks to her ice creams and ice pops. I chatted with her about how she got started and what pepperoni ice cream tastes like. More

We Chat With: Nicolas Ibarzabel of 5411 Empanadas

We Chat With Carol Hilker 1 comment

This week, I checked out 5411's brick and mortar location, grabbed a handful of empanadas, and spoke to Ibarzabel about what it's been like to transition a food truck to a permanent location, the differences between a restaurant and a food truck, and the importance of a good empanada filling. More

We Chat With: Anna Caterinicchia of Getta Polpetta, Chicago's Meatball Sandwich Truck

We Chat With Carol Hilker 1 comment

As long as she can remember, meatballs have always been a part of Anna Caterini's life. The food truck owner and third generation (and then some) meatball maker admits that she can't even recall the first time she encountered one, "As long as I can remember, every Sunday night family dinner and all of the holidays in between, there have been meatballs." Over the years, Caterinicchia became an expert at making these meatballs, and she now sells them off of her food truck, Getta Polpetta. More

We Chat With: Joe Scroggs from The Roost, Chicago's New Fried Chicken Food Truck

We Chat With Carol Hilker 1 comment

Born and raised in a little town outside of Chapel Hill, N.C. called Pittsboro (population 3,743), Joe Scroggs learned everything he knows about southern cooking from his family. "Most of the recipes that are on our truck originate from not just my father and his mother, but also from my other side's grandmother," Scroggs says. More

George Motz Chats About the Chicago Food Film Festival

Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

George Motz first appeared on our radar for Hamburger America, but that's just one of the ongoing projects he's involved with right now. But Motz didn't seem stressed by the schedule when I talked to him earlier in the week. In fact, we spent most of the time talking about Top Notch Beefburger, which is not a bad conversation to have. More

Pizza Obsessives: Daniel Zemans, Slice Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 17 comments

We're finally strapping our man from the Windy City, Daniel Zemans, into the hot seat. Get to know this discerning, deep-dish loving Midwesterner a little bit better through the Pizza Obsessives Q&A! More

Grilled: Daniel Zemans, Chicago Correspondent

Grilled The Serious Eats Team 3 comments

"Grilled" is our series of Q&As of burger-related people. It's been a while since we've done these regularly, but we're starting up again by interviewing our contributors so you can get to know the people behind our site. Today we're grilling Daniel Zemans, who's been covering the Chicago burger scene for us since 2009. You can also check out his pizza reviews at Slice. More

A Pint With: Greg Hall, Goose Island Beer Company

A Pint With Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

Greg Hall of Goose Island Beer Company makes beers that are delicious on their own and even more brilliant with food. We caught up with him to chat about his exciting new sour beer releases, his favorite beer-and-food pairings, and his thoughts on where craft beer is heading. More

Stephanie Izard on Twitter, 'Top Chef,' and Her New Chicago Restaurant

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

"My manager has me on Twitter now, which reminds me, I should go update that." Yesterday, we caught up with Stephanie Izard, last season's Top Chef winner. She's a busy woman, opening her new Chicago restaurant, The Drunken Goat, this... More

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