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Smalls' Barbecue Ambition is Anything But

All you really need to know about Smalls is that any time spent reading this post is time away from one of the best new concepts to open up in a while. So bus, bike, drive, or walk your way up California Avenue- because if the lines haven't started forming yet, it's only a matter of time. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pulled Pork Sandwich from Smoque BBQ

Pork shoulder is smoked for 12 hours before being pulled by hand and plopped between a buttery, pillowy bun. The pink hued meat packs serious smoke flavor, which is only enhanced by the housemade BBQ sauce (go for the more complex spicy if you can handle the kick). A few forkfuls of the sweet and tangy coleslaw brightens everything considerably. More

Sausage City: Mirabell's Traditional All-Veal Bratwurst

At Mirabell, an old school German spot in Irving Park, they serve classics like the bratwurst—but they're doing things their own way. Case in point: when you order their bratwurst, it comes not just boiled or grilled, but soaked in milk, dipped in egg, and fried in butter. And it's quietly the best traditional bratwurst I've ever eaten More

Sausage City: Thai Sausage at Thai Aree

Thus far, Sausage City has focused mostly on European-influences sausages, in part because Chicago has a strong tradition of Polish, German, and Italian butchers. But that's changing today, because the good news of Thai sausage, in this case from the superb restaurant Thai Aree in Irving Park, is a gospel worth spreading. More

Standing Room Only: Zebda

This week I challenged myself to locate a stand that served a salad that I could actually get excited about. All roads led to Zebda. Run by Mohammed Djeddour and Katie Garcia, the tiny shop in Irving Park features a menu of Algerian and Mediterranean dishes, with an excellent mix of grilled kebobs and lighter, vegetable-based dishes. More

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