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33 Cheap Eats We Love in Logan Square

Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

Of all the Cheap Eats guides I've put together, this was easily the most personal. I've lived in Logan Square for the past five years, so I feel like I've amassed some serious first hand knowledge of the affordable options. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Jill Barron's Logan Square

Neighborhood Guides Amy Cavanaugh Post a comment

Though her bulgogi is made with seared tofu instead of beef, Jill Barron isn't a vegetarian. She's lived in Logan Square for 12 years, and she recently shared her favorite spots in the neighborhood. More

A Sandwich a Day: Egg, Pepper, and Tomato Sandwich at Johnny's Grill

A Sandwich a Day Michell Eloy 2 comments

There's nothing quaint or trendy about Johnny's Grill, a tiny American-style diner located in the heart of Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. It's neither ideal for a leisurely brunch over mimosas and witty banter, nor suitable for those looking to eat anything even remotely associated with the word "lite." More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Nick's Logan Square

Neighborhood Guides Nick Kindelsperger 6 comments

Every few weeks, one of our writers is going to write about their neighborhood favorites. First up is Logan Square, which has seen an influx of new restaurants. It's so big that it was hard to leave some places out. But here is Nick's Logan Square. More

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