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The Vegetarian Option: The Vegan Sandwich at Little Goat Bread

A Sandwich a Day Amber Gibson Post a comment

Next door to Stephanie Izard's Little Goat diner is Little Goat Bread, which serves three kinds of soups, a kale salad, and six different daily sandwiches. More

Deep Fried Chicago: Little Goat Diner

Deep Fried Chicago Joe Roy 2 comments

With Stephanie Izard at the helm, you're guaranteed the dishes will feature her signature ingredient combination creativity and unhindered fearlessness in the face of calories. And love the concept or hate it, the menu's fried output mostly works. More

10 Muffins We Love in Chicago

Chicago Roger Kamholz Post a comment

I scoured the city for superlative examples. And without any strong expectations, I came away very impressed by the variety and quality of muffins Chicago's bakeries, diners, and caf├ęs are turning out. More

The Hunt for the Best Bagel in Chicago

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 13 comments

If someone would have asked me last year about the best bagel in Chicago, I would have shrugged my shoulders and pleaded ignorance. But we are in something of a bagel boom and it's time to take stock. So, does Chicago actually have some bagels worth celebrating? More

Staff Picks: 9 Breakfasts We Love in Chicago

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Chicago Team 4 comments

As the first meal of a very busy day, breakfast is the one we often think the least about. (Plus, taking pictures of food is immeasurably harder before a cup of coffee.) It's automatic, almost like a ritual, and personal. More

16 Cheese Fries We Love in Chicago

Chicago Amy Cavanaugh 11 comments

In Chicago, cheese fries are more than a dish you consume after a night out. Whether this is related to Chicago's hot dog stand culture or that chefs here like to elevate simple dishes, I don't know. But I do know that you can find a very wide range of cheese fries here. More

7 Milkshakes for Two We Love for Valentine's Day in Chicago

Chicago Lindsey Becker 2 comments

Ready for Valentine's Day? We have all of you reservation-less, plan-averse lovers covered. Pull the old "it's a weeknight, so I knew you'd rather fill up on milkshakes than wine" card and bring your date (or friend!) to one of these lower key spots. More

TGI Fry-Day: Do Nachos Get Much Better than the Machos Nachos at Chicago's Little Goat?

TGI Fry-Day Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

As all nachos should, the Machos Nachos at Little Goat look like an absolute mess, but there is an underlying method to this madness that separates it from most others. More

First Look: Stephanie Izard Chats about Little Goat

First Look Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

I'll get this out of the way at the beginning: Stephanie Izard's second restaurant, Little Goat, is an actual diner. It's not diner-esque or reminiscent of the idea of a diner some marketing person dreamt up, but an honest-to-goodness diner with breakfast all day, milkshakes, and 75-odd other things on its massive menu. More

Jewish Food to Take Over Chicago (Hopefully)

News Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

While devouring the largest, lightest, and airiest matzoh ball I've ever faced at Au Cheval last night, it finally dawned on me that Chicago is in the midst of something of a Jewish food wave. More

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