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Better with Giardiniera: 9 Great Sandwiches Featuring with Chicago's Favorite Condiment

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 16 comments

While giardiniera can top everything from thick-crust pizza to french fries, it's most often found on one of Chicago's oversized sandwiches. More

The Brunch Dish: Less Guilt, More Pleasure at Stax Cafe

The Brunch Dish Matt Kirouac Post a comment

I secretly kind of love Waffle House, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, and the like. These types of breakfast joints are guilty pleasures that I thankfully only indulge on rare occasions, in moments of crippling weakness. So I'm thankful for Stax Cafe, which is as close as a restaurant can get to IHOP without throwing integrity out the door. More

Bar Eats: Three Aces Delivers 'Tatted Up Italian Fare'

Josh Conley 1 comment

A friendly rockabilly/punk/hipster-esque neighborhood joint, with an almost speakeasy feel, a pool table in back, and a menu of tatted-up Italian fare that may cause some double-takes. More

Top 10 Standing Room Only Posts of 2012

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Will Chicago ever run out of stands to visit? I doubt it. Just when I think I've uncovered every walkup window in the metropolitan area, I come across an unsuspecting option hidden in plain sight. Check out the most popular stands of 2012. More

Gluten Free in Chicago: Urban Union

Gluten Free Rachel Gillman Post a comment

At Urban Union in Little Italy, Chef Michael Shrader's seafood-focused cuisine naturally favors a gluten free diet, leaning heavily on beautifully composed plates of fresh fish and seasonal produce. The restaurant doesn't offer a separate gluten free menu because they simply don't need one. More

Standing Room Only: Carm's Beef and Italian Ice

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Carm's has been open in some iteration since 1929, but until recently I'd never stopped by. Much of that has to do with its location on a quiet tree-lined street, two blocks north of the traffic on Taylor St., which makes the shop feel like a corner store that just happens to kick out a solid Italian beef. More

A Sandwich a Day: Saltimbocca Panini at Three Aces

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Although a glance at the description for the Saltimbocca Panini ($12.00) on Three Aces's brunch menu may conjure the image of a gooey, meaty pressed sandwich, in actuality it is the equivalent of an acoustic break in a loud rock show. More

Knockout Noodles: Davanti Enoteca

Knockout Noodles Roger Kamholz 3 comments

A precious few pasta dishes grace the menu at Davanti Enoteca, restaurateur Scott Harris's rustically appointed wine bar and shared-plates Italian restaurant. I couldn't help but take this relative dearth of noodle options as a sign of the kitchen's confidence; if pasta is the measure of a good Italian food, then these chefs have chosen to hang their toques on a pretty narrow hook. More

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