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A Sandwich a Day: Meatloaf Sandwich Dream at Glenn's Diner

A Sandwich a Day Josh Conley 2 comments

This sandwich shows up looking like it's about to drive you to prom. Tidy, clean-cut, with nary a dribble of beefy, fatty goodness on its collar, it even wears a corsage of lettuce and tomatoes. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Pork Jibarito at Borinquen Lounge

A Sandwich a Day Josh Conley Post a comment

Not nearly as ubiquitous as dogs or Italian beef, jibaritos are more the cult classic of Chicago originals. More

The Brunch Dish: Surf's Up at Sola

The Brunch Dish Matt Kirouac 2 comments

Few restaurants exude lounging-in-a-hammock warmth quite like Sola, the Hawaiian-inspired restaurant in the heart of North Center. Chef/owner Carol Wallack is a culinary Jack Johnson, seamlessly combining her love for Hawaiian culture with the bounty of the Midwest. More

Bar Eats: Laschet's Inn Just Wants to Be Your Friend

Josh Conley 8 comments

With its Bavarian façade and unmistakable black and yellow German coat of arms aglow on Irving Park, you've probably seen Laschet's Inn at least a dozen times, each with the same thought--I wonder what happens in there? More

A Sandwich a Day: The Cajun Shrimp Wrap at Snappy's Shrimp

A Sandwich a Day Josh Conley 1 comment

The Cajun Shrimp Wrap ($7.75), much like the place itself, just quietly and unpretentiously goes about the business of being awesome. More

Behind the Sweets: Lisa Thompson Mixes Up a Batch of Mixed Berry Scones at Blue Sky Bakery

Behind the Sweets Lindsey Becker Post a comment

Lisa from Blue Sky Bakery in Chicago was kind enough to show me how she whips up a batch of her fantastic Mixed Berry Scones. Their remarkably fluffy texture can be explained with just a few simple secrets. More

A Sandwich a Day: The PB&J at The Bad Apple

A Sandwich a Day Dennis Lee 1 comment

The Bad Apple is known for its fantastic burgers here in Chicago, but I've always wondered what some of their other offerings are like, you know, in case you're not in the mood for delicious, delicious, cow. More

The Vegetarian Option: Meatless Finds at Ribfest

The Vegetarian Option Roger Kamholz 1 comment

Seeking out vegetarian food at Ribfest is sort of like going to a bowling alley in hopes of getting in a round of mini golf. Try as you might, you're not going to find much in the way of greens. But a survey of the available eats actually turned up a few tasty options for the vegetarian diner. More

Standing Room Only: Snappy's Shrimp House

Standing Room Only Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

Though you'd be forgiven for not knowing, Chicago is home to a thriving fried shrimp scene. So if you're going to call yourself Snappy's Shrimp House you better know a thing or two about frying the little crustaceans. More

Sausage City: Resi's Bierstube and Laschet's Inn

Sausage City Blake Royer 7 comments

Last week, Serious Eats' own Roger Kamholz emailed me to propose an evening of spätzle and sauasage in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago, where a couple of old school German restaurants are still serving up the most straightforward and traditional food of that cuisine. Of course, I obliged. While Roger would cover the spätzle, my job was the sausage. More

Knockout Noodles: Spätzle vs. Spätzle, Resi's Bierstube and Laschet's Inn Vie for Spätzle Supremacy

Knockout Noodles Roger Kamholz 2 comments

Resi's Bierstube and Laschet's Inn are two of the last remaining old-school German taverns that once peppered the area around North Center and Lincoln Square. Of course, they both serve spätzle, so I devised a spätzle vs. spätzle competition, which somehow lead us to Spy vs. Spy. More

TGI Fry-Day: Wiener Schnitzel 'a la Holstein' from Laschet's Inn

TGI Fry-Day Joe Roy 3 comments

Rather than allowing the uninitiated to snicker and speculate on just what a wiener schnitzel might be, let me set the record straight: It's a veal cutlet that is pounded into a plate sized round, breaded, and deep fried. It's also delicious. More

O'Fame: Fresh Ingredients Do Not Necessarily Make a Good Pizza

Daniel Zemans 7 comments

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans checks in with another piece of intel on the Windy City pizza scene. Daniel also blogs about Chicagoland pizza with his friends on the Chicago Pizza Club blog. --The Mgmt. O'Famé 4159 N. Western... More

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