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A10 is a Hyde Park Restaurant Worth Caring About

I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about restaurants they care about in Hyde Park. Instead, you usually hear people adamantly professing how little they care for the local restaurants. Admittedly, Hyde Park's restaurant scene is about as hip and happening as people who use the phrase "hip and happening" un-ironically. Well, with the opening of A10, there might actually be something worth caring about. More

Sizing up the Solid Fare at The Medici on 57th in Hyde Park

While Chicago may not be a college town, per se, Hyde Park is certainly a "college neighborhood." In a way, The Med is Hyde Park's answer to a the prototypical college town restaurant. The walls are covered with unrelated, incoherent, yet somehow interesting art, and the art is covered with unrelated, incoherent, and not-so-interesting graffiti. This is unadorned, but solidly good food. More

Lunch in the Loop: Mista

If, say, you've been chillin' at City Hall with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, talking about mayorly things—like legalizing cooking on food trucks or talking about your mutual love for creative profanity—and you're hungry for salads, wraps, pasta, and thin cracker-crust pizza, you can sprint across La Salle with your arms flailing (because that's how I sprint) to Mista Pizza. More

Meet the Maker: Coalfire Pizza's Pesto Pizza

Coalfire, which will see its five-year anniversary in May, has a style of pizza that's uniquely its own, drawing from regional variations in different ways. Its coal-burning oven is uncommon for pizzerias and harkens back to old school New Haven joints, and yet its thin crust is almost Neapolitan in style, but with more crisp. More

The Vegetarian Option: The Pump Room

If you've had your eye on the Vegetarian Option column thus far, you'll know that SE Chicago editor Nick Kindelsperger has gotten off to a promising start, but I'll be taking over for him in the search for delicious vegetarian eats here in Chicago. Nick and I held the torch-passing ceremony in suitably swank digs: the dining room of the recently refurbished and reopened Pump Room, in the Gold Coast's Public Hotel. More

A Slice of Pizza Beer

-->They say if you want people to pay attention all you have to do is put up signs that say "free beer" or "free pizza". It seems the same holds true when you put pizza in your beer. Walking around... More

A Mano: In Good Hands

With Quartino, Osteria via Stato, and now A Mano all slinging cured meats, Chicago's downtown lunch arena is sporting more sausage than the Chicago Bears locker room after a big game. A Mano, the newest of the triumvirate, is helmed... More

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