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Deep Fried Chicago: The Point

Deep Fried Chicago Joe Roy 1 comment

The food here is on point (sorry) with its trendy beer list, and you won't be sorry looking past the daily flatbreads and burgers to the fried items on offer. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef Panini at Love's

A Sandwich a Day Molly Durham Post a comment

The real wonder of the roast beef panini at Love's is how it feels physically heavy, but doesn't taste heavy. Substantial and satisfying, but not intense. More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Sandwich at Iguana Cafe

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Before I dig in, I have a couple semi-serious questions. Is any sandwich that touches a panini press a panini? And is any sandwich with at least one Italian-inspired meat an Italian sandwich? More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Sandwich at D'Agostino's

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

The Italian grinder at D'Agostino's in River West does its best to avoid anything resembling subtlety. All the salty and heavy meats (capicola, pepperoni, salami, and ham) fight for dominance on your palate, while a blanket of melted provolone covers as much as possible. More

Knockout Noodles: Yaya Noodles at Thalia Spice

Knockout Noodles Roger Kamholz Post a comment

What drew me to Thalia Spice's Yaya noodles was its key ingredient: stir-fried spinach-flavored noodles. How would these green guys impact a Thai stir-fry? More

A Sandwich a Day: Black & Blue at 694 Wine & Spirits

A Sandwich a Day Lindsey Becker Post a comment

694 Wine & Spirits is the kind of place that is so sure of the high quality of what it offers that it doesn't offer much: four panini, a couple of bar snacks, cheese, and cured meat. Though all of the panini could win a panini beauty pageant (who wants to judge?), the Black & Blue would edge above all of the others because of its strong bleu cheese platform. More

A Sandwich a Day: An Ode to the Three Little Piggy Sandwich from the Silver Palm

A Sandwich a Day Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

Oh the Three Little Piggy sandwich, whatever could I say? You've been paraded around as Chicago's over-the-top sandwich of choice. Perhaps mentioning you again is too obvious. But you're so much more than just a dare. More

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